P.S.- Although the photo features a coffee cup, we can not guarantee if it does contain coffee #winkwink

Originally from Los Angeles, C.A., Lucy has over seven years of professional experience in hospitality management in various roles in customer service, sales, marketing & special events in boutique hotels in Miami Beach. Along the way, she chose to focus her career in making a social impact. In discovering her passion & purpose, she wanted to create a platform where she was able to pursue her passion of marketing but still having the time & opportunity to give back. Hence, Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting was born. Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting was inspired by her go to whiskey based drink, an Old Fashioned. With her professional foundation in hospitality and spending time in the corporate world, Lucy saw a common theme of the present day, which was glorifying the busy chaotic lifestyle of your average working professional. Lucy started Old Fashioned Marketing to lessen the workload of the busy entrepreneur in order to promote wellness in their professional and personal lives. She starts her day with her daily mantra, “Girl, you need to namaste”, to remind herself and others to create a balance between work and your personal life. Her efforts in building rapport with clients the "old fashioned" way is the basis of client retention and team work of Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting. While we may be living in a virtual world, Lucy believes it is still essential to have that authentic connection with others, even just by sending birthday greetings to family and friends, and checking in with them. Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting was created to help others build their business behind the scenes so they can have a moment to “namaste” and strive for wellness in their daily lives.

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Starting or running a business has high reward but has its challenges. Old Fashioned Marketing will manage your marketing virtually behind the scenes so you can have your drink and drink it too.



Our Mission is to connect & build rapport with start ups and entrepreneurs in all industries to assist in establishing their marketing foundation in order to have a strong online presence and in helping them run their marketing behind the scenes, promoting a work-life balance for all.

Our Vision is to continue to continue to build rapport with small companies and larger corporations in large cities such as New York, Miami, and Los Angeles where we assist in building their marketing foundation and fully virtually running their marketing behind the scenes in stabilizing wellness in their personal life & company culture.


The majority of our clients are from New York, Los Angeles & Miami but we work with all clients and all industries from all over the U.S. and abroad.







We are currently looking for small organizations or missions that we can partner with in the future where a percentage of our revenue will be donated. If you are a small organization or mission that would like to partner with us or if you have an organization that is close to your heart and would like to share, please email us directly.

Feeling #Blessed.

Lucy Capul is a current parishioner of The Church of Ascension in New York. Lucy grew up going to Catholic School in Los Angeles and is grateful for the education and foundation that was built from Kindergarten all the way into High School. Lucy is constantly striving to give back to her community and encourages others to do the same. In moving to New York, Ascension was the first place where she felt welcomed and at home and she is constantly looking for ways to support her community. You can do the same! The Church of Ascension has many missionaries that give back to different communities such as their weekend homeless shelter during the winter season, their yearly missionary trips to the Dominican Republic and so much more. If you would like to donate, please visit The Church of Ascension Parish website where you can donate online so they can continue to provide resources to the homeless, to the youth, the LGBTQ community, to the Dominican Republic and more.