How to Feed Your Wellness & Your Marketing

How Wellness & Marketing are #Relatable

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Your business makes you laugh, cry, and makes you take your first steps on your own for the first time.”

When I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic earlier this year, it struck a chord with me. Many of us business owners and content creators like to call our content or business our “baby”. Elizabeth expresses that it’s actually quite the opposite. WE are the babies of our business. We grow, we mold ourselves for the better for our business every day. Your business makes you laugh, cry, and makes you take your first steps on your own for the first time. This concept totally changed my way of thinking about how marketing and our wellness is quite relatable. The way we treat ourselves is the same way we should treat our marketing & business. 

Let’s dig in shall we?! Old Fashioned Marketing is all about wellness and revolutionizing the way the average American works. Prioritizing wellness is normally frowned upon and viewed as laziness (#shame). Just like our passion for our work, wellness is a top priority for the OFM team and our clients. This year, I started keeping a monthly goal of feeding my mind, body, and soul. I set a book to read each month to feed my mind, I practice yoga on a daily basis to keep my body moving, and I remember to evoke at least one random act of kindness to a stranger to bring my heart and soul joy. Without this routine, I found myself scattered.

And just like feeding our wellness, we too must also feed our marketing. You too must feed your marketing’s mind, body, and soul. Marketing is an aggressive beast in this generation, especially with social media platforms. There are ever-evolving algorithms, viral videos that change people’s lives, new app features and upgrades almost every six months. It is important to keep up with the marketing trends by feeding your mind by subscribing to blogs, newsletters and reading relevant books. Books about marketing from the early 2000s are irrelevant in this day and age. Make sure you also feed your audience’s mind with refreshing and relevant content. And just like your body, you must also feed your marketing’s “body”. What are the foundations of your marketing platform? Have you upgraded your systems and platforms? Have you reorganized and filed away archived documents from last year? Just like updating your workout regimen, you must also update your platforms so your marketing isn’t immune to outdated features, programs, and systems. Don’t be comfortable in old systems and technological features. Keep moving and be progressive! And just like your soul, you must also feed your marketing’s “soul”. What brings you joy in your company culture? Do you enjoy the work you do and for your clients? Does your staff like coming to work every day working for you and with each other? How can you find joy in each creative design edits made, hashtags researched, and weekly team calls?

Elizabeth was right. We become the baby of our business and become better with each opportunity as a way of self-discipline and a way to feed our mind, body, and soul. And just like feeding ourselves, feeding our marketing is 100% #relatable. So now, I pass the mic on to you. How do you feed your wellness, and similarly how do you feed your marketing? 







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Lucy Capul is the Creative Director of Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting. Lucy’s background in Hospitality Management concentrating in Special Events and Marketing has lead her to create a platform for start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses to gain support and resources for their business. Old Fashioned Marketing & Consulting was created to take away the work load of any working professional where they have the opportunity to have a professional virtually run their marketing behind the scenes, so they can have their drink and drink it too. Lucy’s experience in the corporate world has lead her to realize that the world glorifies the chaotic and busy lifestyle of a typical hard working professional. Lucy is an avid supporter of taking the time to “namaste” away from the work day and making time for friends, family and a little bit of whiskey, promoting a work-life balance. The Bar Babble blog was created to provide resources for like minded professionals to succeed in their professional and personal lives and also for students or anyone who wants to jump into the marketing world. Bar Babble is that time and place after a long day where you can be unapologetically unfiltered and babble about the highs, the lows, tips and tricks that no one talks about. Let’s get a little “whiskey”, and let’s Bar Babble.