Balancing Your Social Media Content and the Content of your Life 

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“ Just like the golden rule of social media, make sure to apply the 80/20 to the rule of life.”

When creating your social media content calendar, some people have a hard time coming up with content for an entire month. The common question comes to mind:

“What kind of posts should I create?”

The golden rule for social media marketing is to use the 80/20 rule. Inc. advises that “80% of your social media posts should inform, educate, and entertain your audience, while only 20% should directly promote your business”. For a standard business, this may serve true for the majority. I advise a lot of clients to start off by creating a standard branded weekly post that provides educational insight to your followers but also shows how much knowledge you know as a business. This type of content can be anywhere from the quote of the day, weekly blog posts, tech tip of the week and so much more. Create a template for your social media post that is branded (has your logo and/or brand colors) and update it weekly with different tips or quotes so your followers look forward to new content from you each week (check out our Instagram for our weekly #marketingmonday posts). When followers scroll their feed, they easily spot your branded post among the others, especially when posting consistently. While this may seem simple, the standard 8/20 golden rule, may not be applicable to other brands or businesses. For example, if you are a local artist selling your items on Etsy and want to get more clientele, the best way to get more clients is to show your work! Show the paintings but don’t overwhelm your followers with the same painting or type of painting. Show a variety of artwork that will show your expertise and versatility in the art world. You can also show a before and after of your creative pieces, behind the scenes of your creations, and the art mediums used. 

Just like balancing the content of your social media feed, as a business owner or just a regular human being on this planet, you also need to balance the content or “feed” of your life. As you know, OFM promotes the wellness culture to our clients, which makes us completely different than other online marketing companies. How do you balance the content of your life, one may ask? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2017, the “average American works 44 hours a week, or 8.8 hours a day. In demanding competitive industries like tech and finance, professionals work in excess of 60 hours a week as a rule.” In those 40-60 hours of working nonstop a week, most people will pick up the kids after work, cook dinner and by the time the kids are in bed, you are ready to pass out. Have you had a moment to catch your breath? 

In the last year or so, I have embraced the word “balance” and if you follow our social media feed, you know we remind you to “namaste”. Although this term means many things, to us, it is a reminder to take a breathe, allow yourself grace and create a balance of the content of your life. Life is not about surviving, but about thriving. Just like the golden rule of social media, make sure to apply the 80/20 to the rule of life. Since the average American lives on work, 80% should be divided between the categories of work, business, and finance while 20% should be divided between your leisurely activities, like gym time or wine time.  And just like social media marketing, this rule may not apply to everyone. You can create your own rule and set a standard, such as the 50/50 golden rule where 50% is dedicated towards work and “adulting” and 50% is personal time. Find YOUR balance with your surroundings by taking a walk for 20 minutes at lunch, read a book before going to bed instead of binging on that new season of Stranger Things (no spoilers please), run around the backyard with the kids instead of promoting iPad time, or place that phone on DND and dance in those undies to “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys (#noshame). Life cannot be all about your iPhone dings and rings and sipping bad coffee in that uncomfortable office cubicle. For the working parents out there, if no one told you today, you are doing amazing!!!! You do so much for the family and at work, tonight put on your favorite outfit you have been dying to wear, let’s meet at the bar and let’s babble. The Bar Babble community is here cheering you on. 

Are you embracing the 80/20 rule in your social media and in life? If not, what is your customized golden rule? Comment below. 


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